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your heart of gold is why we are.

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In 2050 there will be over 19 million 85+ year-olds living in America.

And it’s us - their adult children - who are holding it all together.

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency right now or whether you want to be prepared before the inevitable occurs… You’re in the right place.

The conversations we’re about to have together are hard.

Hard because we don’t always know how to talk about the end of life…

And hard because we’re in the dark about what our parents need as they age.

No more stressful nights “googling blind” at your computer trying to find comprehensive resources you can trust.

mommo was created to shine a light on this whole area of life.

mommo is my way of giving to others what I wished I’d had for myself. No one should have to go it alone.
— Devon Plumberg, Founder
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Devon Plumberg


Hi, I’m Devon Plumberg, the founder of mommo.

We provide support and resources for people with aging parents.

I’m a seasoned business coach, non-profit mentor, and networking consultant. My clients excel in over 45 different industries, and I’ve helped them generate revenue increases from $300 thousand to $1 million in one year. I’ve served as the National Vice President for the Junior Chamber of Commerce and as the Kansas Junior Chamber of Commerce Statewide President. I’ve traveled to 23 states giving keynote speeches in front of groups of 3-5,000 attendees, holding small group training, and governing new non-profit chapters.

At this point, it might not surprise you that I’m also a liturgical minister and that my degrees include business, management, and criminal justice.

I’m also highly intuitive and very organized.

I believe every life is miraculous - from the beginning, right to our last breaths - and mommo is designed to respect and dignify the end of our elders’ lives.

My mother unfortunately passed away 24 hours after an incident at her assisted living facility in 2016. She didn’t have to die that day and I took the facility to court and held them accountable… I was devastated by her loss, and creating mommo is part of me honoring her memory.

Putting the emergency itself aside, just like you, there were practical and emotional things I couldn’t imagine dealing with as both my parents aged over the last ten years.

The slow decline of my aging parents cost me:

  • My time. 10+ hours/week were spent in caring for them, and then more after my mom passed and I decided to sue.

  • My money. I estimate over $100k in revenue has been lost.

  • My body. I started gaining weight from the stress.

  • My peace of mind. I remember being startled every time the phone rang. My sleep suffered. What’s happened now?

Most of the people I talk to today say they have no one in their life who gets what this is like.

But I do, and I have been down this path before. I’m willing and ready to help you along yours.

Sometimes you’re thrust into an emergency. Sometimes you have a chance to plan.

Let’s do some critical thinking together before you’re in a critical situation.


no back-door arrangement guarantee

At mommo, we don’t make money from commissions, ads, or sponsors.

We like our content battle-tested and influence-free.

Start here at no charge. When you’re ready, our mommo On My Own self study course can be accessed one module at a time or with a lifetime membership. mommo Mentoring is available for particularly complex situations. You can also Hire Devon for your organization.

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one more “little” thing… 

I love you a bushel and a peck. I love you the most, the most, the most.

the original “little mommo”

Her driver’s license said she was 5’3” but I don’t think there ever was a day in her life my mom was 5’3”.

Every evening as a child my mom would pin curl my hair and quiz me on my spelling vocabulary. When I graduated college our nightly dinners changed to hour-long phone calls, every evening, for 30 more years.

I started calling her “my little mommo” as a term of endearment… it set her apart and made her giggle.

I almost can’t speak of this without getting teary-eyed, but I want you to know this resource library is made with every intention of honoring her and being a legacy she would be proud of.