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mommo mentoring

Your family can easily misspend tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year trying solutions that don’t work for your aging parent’s situation.

This is the emotional support & guidance you’ve been silently praying for.
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mommo’s Keynotes

45-minute impactful conversations for your next conference or organization that alter the entire room and future for the audience and their loved ones.

A Few Key Topics:

  • Covering Your Assets

  • The Business of Managing Your Parents’ Finances

  • You Get What You Inspect: Working with a Facility

  • A tailored keynote for your organization’s needs


mommo’s Workshops

Public Workshops

We partner with private & public sector organizations across the country to provide informative & actionable sessions open to the general public.

Private Workshops

We partner with private companies and organizations to provide engaging sessions for your clients and employees.

Ideal for:

  • Government agencies

  • Non-profits

  • Churches & Places of Worship

  • Financial advisors

  • Estate planners

  • Legal organizations

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Home health agencies


Professional Consults

I provide emotional support to your clients as you get your job done. Your high-anxiety client gets a hand to hold from someone who’s been there, and you get an advocate & “translator” who understands what you need to do.

Ideal for:

  • Financial advisors

  • Estate planners

  • Personal injury attorneys

  • Long-term care insurance

  • Churches & Places of Worship

  • Counselors & psychologists